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Kunsthalle Karlsruhe purchases restituted painting from the Mosse collection

Date 2016.06.29

The Staatliche Kun­sthalle Karl­sruhe suc­ceed­ed in pur­chas­ing Karl Blechen’s "Blick auf das Kloster Sta. Sco­las­ti­ca bei Subi­a­co" (1832). The paint­ing was iden­ti­fied as so-called ‘Nazi con­fis­cat­ed prop­er­ty’. It had be­longed to the Jew­ish news­pa­per pub­lish­er and art col­lec­tor Rudolf Mosse (1843-1920) and was con­fis­cat­ed from his daugh­ter in 1934 and auc­tioned off. The Kun­sthalle bought it in 1969 from the Ga­lerie Neumeis­ter and, fol­low­ing a thor­ough in­ves­ti­ga­tion 2014, de­ter­mined that a resti­tu­tion claim was jus­ti­fied. The mu­se­um in­formed the heirs of the Mosse fam­i­ly and their at­tor­neys, re­turned the paint­ing and of­fered to re­pur­chase it. The work re­mained on dis­play as a loan, un­til the Kun­sthalle was grant­ed per­mis­sion to pur­chase the paint­ing legal­ly.

The Staatliche Kun­sthalle Karl­sruhe staged a spe­cial pre­sen­ta­tion in 2015 on the his­to­ry of the paint­ing, its com­plex prove­nance and the sig­nif­i­cant role of the Mosse fam­i­ly dur­ing the Weimar Re­pub­lic. The aim of the ex­hi­bi­tion project was to high­light the par­tic­u­lar sit­u­a­tion of a resti­tut­ed art­work from the mu­se­um’s own col­lec­tion with all of its back­ground in­for­ma­tion. The Ger­man Lost Art Foun­da­tion fund­ed the spe­cial ex­hi­bi­tion as a short-term project of cur­rent in­ter­est..

Press re­lease by the Staatliche Kun­sthalle Karl­sruhe (on­ly Ger­man ver­sion)

Project de­scrip­tion

Karl Blechens painting Karl Blechens painting "Blick auf das Kloster Sta. Scolastica bei Subiaco" (1832) Karl Blechens painting "Blick auf das Kloster Sta. Scolastica bei Subiaco" (1832) Source:  Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe