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Uwe M. Schneede: Pursuing provenance research as an ongoing task

Date 2016.11.02

Speak­ing at a meet­ing of the Leipziger Kreis in Hanover, Prof. Uwe M. Schneede, chair­man of the Ger­man Lost Art Foun­da­tion, stat­ed that there were still too few per­ma­nent po­si­tions for prove­nance re­searchers at Ger­many’s ma­jor art mu­se­ums. The Leipziger Kreis is a group con­sist­ing of di­rec­tors of Ger­man art mu­se­ums.

Prof. Schneede not­ed that on­ly sev­en of the one and a half dozen mu­se­ums rep­re­sent­ed in the group in­tend­ed to un­der­take prove­nance re­search on an on­go­ing ba­sis. How­ev­er, this re­search need­ed to be a pri­or­i­ty be­cause of the re­spon­si­bil­i­ty to deal with the events of Ger­many’s past, he said. Prof. Schneede al­so called on the mu­se­ums to do more to open up their own archives that were in­dis­pens­able for the re­search work and make them ac­ces­si­ble. Fi­nal­ly, he point­ed out that there was of­ten a de­sire on the part of the pub­lic for more pre­cise in­for­ma­tion about the ori­gin of the art­works on dis­play in the mu­se­ums.