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German Lost Art Foundation sets up additional focus on cultural goods from colonial contexts

Date 2018.08.20

As spec­i­fied by the Board of the Ger­man Lost Art Foun­da­tion, the Foun­da­tion will im­ple­ment a new field of ac­tiv­i­ty fo­cus­ing on cul­tur­al goods from colo­nial con­texts. With this new de­part­ment, fi­nan­cial sup­port will be made avail­able start­ing in 2019 pri­mar­i­ly for re­search projects in­ves­ti­gat­ing the prove­nance of cul­tur­al goods from colo­nial con­texts in pub­lic in­sti­tu­tions in Ger­many. Ba­sic re­search projects will al­so be in­clud­ed. In­volve­ment of and co­op­er­a­tion with the com­mu­ni­ties of ori­gin will be of spe­cial sig­nif­i­cance for this re­search. The re­search re­sults col­lect­ed in the Foun­da­tion’s re­search database (cur­rent­ly be­ing set up) should be made trans­par­ent and ac­ces­si­ble to as many in­ter­est­ed par­ties and us­er groups as pos­si­ble, par­tic­u­lar­ly for sci­en­tif­ic and re­search pur­pos­es. In this way, the Foun­da­tion shall grad­u­al­ly de­vel­op in­to a con­tact for mat­ters re­lat­ing to cul­tur­al goods from colo­nial con­texts, as it al­ready is for is­sues con­cern­ing Nazi-con­fis­cat­ed prop­er­ty and im­ple­men­ta­tion of the Wash­ing­ton Prin­ci­ples.

Fur­ther in­for­ma­tion is avail­able here.

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