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Gilbert Lupfer is appointed new honorary executive board of the German Lost Art Foundation

Date 2017.03.30

The art historian Prof. Dr. Gilbert Lupfer will take up his position as the new honorary executive board of the German Lost Art Foundation on 1 April 2017.

Gilbert Lupfer: “Over the past two years since the German Lost Art Foundation was founded, it has established itself as a competence centre. I am very pleased to accompany the Foundation in the time ahead as it continues addressing new topics such as the loss of cultural assets after 1945. I look forward to putting my expertise to use, drawing on almost 15 years of experience in the fields of provenance research, academic administration, university research and teaching.”

Mr. Lupfer’s appointment as the Foundation’s next academic and research director also marks the end of Prof. Dr. Uwe M. Schneede’s term as honorary executive board. Appointed to the position by the Foundation board when the German Lost Art Foundation was founded on 1 January 2015, Mr. Schneede’s term now concludes according to his contractual agreement.

Uwe M. Schneede: “We have succeeded in launching a wide array of projects which aim to investigate Nazi-looted art and provide an opportunity for the injured parties to see some justice served. The Foundation is now recognised both nationally and internationally as a central, independent authority entrusted with the task of promoting provenance research. I am happy we have gained such an acknowledged expert as Prof. Lupfer who will now steadily and resolutely continue this course of development.”

Since 2008, Lupfer has headed the provenance research, cataloguing and inventory project “Daphne” at the Dresden State Art Collections (SKD), and in 2013, was appointed director of the SKD Department of Research and Scientific Cooperation. He is also an adjunct professor of Art History at the TU Dresden. In past years, he has served as deputy chairman of the funding committee of the German Lost Art Foundation, as chairman of the advisory board of the former Magdeburg Coordination Office, and as a member of the advisory committee of the former Bureau for Provenance Research (AfP), both of which were later incorporated into the Foundation.

The Executive Board of the German Lost Art Foundation is comprised of two members. Rüdiger Hütte is the full-time executive board, responsible for managing the Foundation’s activities on a daily basis and representing the Foundation in matters of judicial and extra-judicial relevance. He oversees the Foundation's administrative affairs, while Gilbert Lupfer, as honorary executive board, is entrusted with overseeing academic and research-related matters.

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