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Lost Art Database

The Lost Art Database documents cultural assets which were displaced or relocated as a result of the events of World War II, or – in the case of Jewish ownership – items that were illegally confiscated by the Nazis under threat of persecution. The assessment of lost cultural assets is based on the Washington Principles of 1998, to which end Germany officially pledged to fulfil its historic and moral obligations in the Joint Declaration in 1999. Please notify us by e-mail at if you wish to report an item lost or found on the Lost Art Database.

Online-Portal, “Modul Forschungsergebnisse” (Research Results Module)

In the “Modul Forschungsergebnisse”, the Foundation makes available the results of projects supported with public funds since 2008, with which German institutions – particularly museums, libraries and archives – have carried out provenance research into Nazi-confiscated property. These results are provided in the form of final reports and as Excel spreadsheets sorted by specific criteria (all reports and spreadsheets are available in German only).
For data protection reasons, online access is restricted to persons with a legitimate interest. These persons include victims of Nazi art theft, their descendants, their representatives, provenance researchers and academics. In other cases, decisions will be made on an individual basis. Eligibility will be verified by the Foundation, who will then grant access where appropriate.
The provision of the research results is the first step towards creating a more extensive, interconnected research database for the Foundation.

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Learn more about the “Modul Forschungsergebnisse” (PDF)