Website of the German Lost Art Foundation

Altakten und Inventarverzeichnisse, Altaktenarchiv Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte Oldenburg (refer to: Lost Art Database)

Lost Art Database

The Lost Art Database documents cultural assets which were displaced or relocated as a result of the events of World War II, or – in the case of Jewish ownership – items that were illegally confiscated by the Nazis under threat of persecution. More details: Lost Art Database …

Forschungdatenbank Proveana (refer to: Research Database "Proveana")

Research Database "Proveana"

Proveana is the name of a new research database at the German Lost Art Foundation. Notably, it displays the results of research projects that were funded by the Foundation. More details: Research Database "Proveana" …

Provenienzforschung am Stadtmuseum Oldenburg (refer to: "Modul Forschungsergebnisse" (Research Results Module))

"Modul Forschungsergebnisse" (Research Results Module)

The "Modul Forschungsergebnisse" is a predecessor version of the research database "Proveana". In the “Modul”, the Foundation makes available the results of projects supported with public funds since 2008, with which German institutions have carried out provenance research into Nazi-confiscated property. More details: "Modul Forschungsergebnisse" (Research Results Module) …