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Research Database "Proveana"

Proveana is the name of a new re­search database at the Ger­man Lost Art Foun­da­tion. No­tably, it dis­plays the re­sults of re­search projects that were fund­ed by the Foun­da­tion. The ob­jec­tive is to sup­port prove­nance re­search through doc­u­ment­ing his­tor­i­cal in­for­ma­tion, there­by mak­ing it more trans­par­ent and con­tribut­ing to the so­lu­tion of un­re­solved cas­es. Proveana com­pris­es four re­search ar­eas: cul­tur­al as­sets seized due to na­tion­al so­cial­ist per­se­cu­tion (Nazi-loot­ed art), cul­tur­al as­sets dis­placed dur­ing wartime (war booty), cul­tur­al as­sets seized in the So­vi­et-oc­cu­pied zone and the GDR, as well as cul­tur­al as­sets and col­lec­tions from colo­nial con­texts. The database al­lows search­es for peo­ple, cor­po­ra­tions, events, col­lec­tions, prove­nance in­for­ma­tion, ob­jects and fur­ther doc­u­men­tary sources. Search­es in Proveana al­so in­clude the con­tents of the Lost Art database, as well as links to fur­ther databas­es. Proveana pro­vides as­sis­tance for those whose cul­tur­al as­sets were seized, for their de­scen­dants, for schol­ars, for ev­ery­body in­volved in the trade with cul­tur­al goods, for the me­dia, and for pol­i­cy-mak­ers.

Re­search database "Proveana"