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last amended on 04. December 2017

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Ob­jects in the Gurlitt Prove­nance Re­search project Ob­jects marked for re­searchOb­jects in gen­er­al pro­cess­ingRe­search re­ports un­der re­view*Con­clud­ed re­search re­ports
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*Works of ‘de­gen­er­ate art’ and mass-pro­duced goods un­der­go a re­view pro­cess if sus­pi­cion that they were loot­ed by the Nazis has been cor­rob­o­rat­ed.

De­tailed re­ports on 474 works have been pre­pared dur­ing the project.

Cat­e­go­riza­tion fol­low­ing con­clud­ed re­search:

Cat­e­go­ry redCat­e­go­ry yel­lowCat­e­go­ry greenWorks ex­clud­ed from fur­ther re­search*

*for ex­am­ple, mass-pro­duced goods

Cat­e­go­ry def­i­ni­tions:

Red: A work is proven or high­ly like­ly to be Nazi-loot­ed art.

Yel­low: Prove­nance dur­ing the pe­ri­od be­tween 1933 and 1945 is not en­tire­ly clear; there are gaps in the prove­nance.

Green: A work is proven or high­ly like­ly not to be Nazi-loot­ed art.

Re­search on works of art cat­e­go­rized by the Task­force ac­cord­ing to the fi­nal re­port of 14.01.2016:

  • Two works con­sid­ered to be Nazi-loot­ed art de­spite gaps in their prove­nance were fur­ther stud­ied in an ef­fort to close those gaps.
  • Four works were clas­si­fied as un­like­ly to be Nazi-loot­ed art and con­firmed as such dur­ing a project re­view in 2016.
  • Ten works from the ‘Schwabing Art Trove’ were con­firmed in 2017 as so-called ‘de­gen­er­ate art’ un­ob­jec­tion­ably ac­quired by their mu­se­ums of ori­gin – that is, ac­quired be­fore 1933.