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Guidelinesfor implementing the Statement by the Federal Government, the Länder and the national associations of local authorities on the tracing and return of Nazi-confiscated art, especially Jewish property, of December 1999; New edition 2019 (refer to: Guidelines ("Handreichung"))

Guidelines ("Handreichung")

The German Federal Government, the Länder (Federal States) and the National Associations of Local Authorities have published guidelines for the implementation of the Washington Principles and the Common Statement. More details: Guidelines ("Handreichung") …

Altakten und Inventarverzeichnisse, Altaktenarchiv Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte Oldenburg (refer to: Search for heirs)

Search for heirs

The Foundation offers a continuously updated body of knowledge in the “Search for heirs” section of its website with information on methodology, processes, research possibilities and sources that can be used in the search for heirs. More details: Search for heirs …

Inventarverzeichnis Kunsthalle Mannheim (refer to: Fair and just solutions)

Fair and just solutions

In the context of efforts to return cultural assets confiscated as a result of Nazi persecution the the Washington Principles and the Common Statement stipulate that “fair and just solutions” should be found between the involved parties in order to bring closure to open questions and disagreements. More details: Fair and just solutions …