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Would you like to support the work of the German Lost Art Foundation? Do you wish to make a financial contribution to support institutions which conduct research on their collections to identify Nazi confiscated art? The German Lost Art Foundation is always happy to receive donations and endowments, to which the following applies:

In accordance with § 3 of the Foundation’s charter, the German Lost Art Foundation exclusively, directly and indirectly serves non-profit purposes as defined in the section “Tax-privileged purposes” of the German Tax Code (Abgabenordnung).

The implementation of the “Law to Further Strengthen Civic Commitment”, which retroactively went into effect on 1 January 2007, immensely improved rules for making tax-deductible donations to non-profit organisations like the Foundation. Donations and endowments are particularly subsidised by the German federal government. The tax treatment is essentially the same regardless of whether sponsors donate or provide an endowment. The general deduction for donations was uniformly adjusted to 20 percent of one’s annual income. According to the new law, companies may donate up to 0.4 percent (formally 0.2 percent) of their total turnover and expenditures for salaries and wages of the respective calendar year, and deduct them as special expenses from their overall tax burden. With regard to endowments, contributions of up to one million euros to augment the capital base of non-profit organisations may be deducted from one’s tax burden every ten years. Married individuals may deduct double this amount.

Donations account of the German Lost Art Foundation

Norddeutsche Landesbank
IBAN: DE53250500000152041596

Please include the following information in your remittance form: First and last name, donation and purpose of donation.

Your contact at the German Lost Art Foundation

German Lost Art Foundation
Dr. Michael Franz
Head of the Department for General and Administrative Matters
Humboldtstraße 12
39112 Magdeburg
Telephone+49 (0) 391 727 763 12
Telefax+49 (0)391 727 763 6

For general questions – also regarding invoices and donation receipts – please contact:

German Lost Art Foundation
Marie-Kristin Eckhoff
Budget and finance
Humboldtstraße 12
39112 Magdeburg
Telephone+49 (0) 391 727 763 28
Telefax+49 (0)391 727 763 6

Your donation receipt

We will gladly send you a donation receipt as soon as your donation is deposited into our account. After transferring the amount, you may contact us via email to expedite the process. For donations of up to 200 euros, the German Finance Office accepts copies of the remittance slip together with your bank statement.